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Happy 31st Birthday Lindsay!

Today, our teenage drama queen turns 31! She has had a lot of life lessons learned, and still amazes us to this day. Thank you for the amazing work you have done for the children over seas, the projects that brings a smile to each of our faces. We here at Lindsay Lohan Network hope you have an amazing birthday and a great career this year! Feel free to leave some birthday love for Ms. Lohan.

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Grand Opening of Lindsay Lohan Network!

Welcome to Lindsay Lohan Network, the newest fansite dedicated to the amazingly talented actress, singer and humanitarian Lindsay Lohan! Lindsay Lohan Network will provide you with all the latest news, media and other updates on our favorite actor. Check back frequently for all the latest on Lindsay! Our gallery already has more than 34,000 photos. I’ve literally been working on the site since 2014 after my old Lindsay Lohan site ( got deleted by the evil host and when I went to buy a new domain for it refused to give me my content on 3 of my sites. So glad they’re ‘shut down’. So I have tons of stuff to add especially in events. I have all of the appearances but have to sort them so when I get time I’ll update the site by year. We still have so much more to add, be sure to take a look every day because we’re uploading pictures on a daily basis. Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve went ahead and added candids of Lindsay on set of her new TV show Sick Note. The photos are below.

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